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Zhengzhou Run Ye Trade Co., Ltd. was formally established in March 2008, is specialized in chemical products wholesale trade Limited. At present, the company sold 1,000 tons a month steady pace. Based on local trading, the company is moving to the supporting Industry, global sourcing, global sales, trade integration, upstream and downstream integration, providing customers with a value-added and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of complex global traders steadily forward.

The company is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains - Zhengzhou, is set railways, highways, aviation as one of the transportation hub, convenient transportation, logistics developed. And, thanks to its unique geographical location, is still an important material distribution center in the central region, China is the future of the area all the way to the originating station.

The company's main products are:

Stearic acid:Domestic Zhangjiagang Taike Brown 1810, 1801 stearate, indonesia imports Sven 1801, leaves 1801 stearic acid;

PE waxes:South Korean imports of PE wax (LG's), Thailand imported and domestic PE wax PE wax;

Titanium Dioxide categories: Panzhihua Tianlun anatase titanium dioxide, Dawn rutile titanium dioxide;

Shandong Shuguang Group Shu-licensing CPE135A, 135Band ACR series of varieties, while agents known domestic and foreign chemical companies products.

Development of the company up to now, we have established a good long-term strategic cooperative relations with Kuala Lumpur Kepong Group, South Korea's LG Group, Taiwan's Formosa Plastics, Daqing Petrochemical, Shandong Shuguang Group and many other well-known enterprises.Through our constantly updated products, improve quality, it has won the approval of the majority of manufacturers and favor.

During the development process of the Decade, the company has always been adhering to the "pursuit of excellence, to create a brilliant future" business philosophy, adhere to the integrity and development, quality of life for the purpose, based on the Central Plains region, has always been customer demand as the direction of our efforts, innovation and hard work, and constantly develop new products and new areas, Zhengzhou Run Ye Trade Co., Ltd. has always embraced gratitude, and willing to take power, further serve the old and new acquaintances, with four friends to build a better future!